Financial solutions

In order to compete effectively, banks need efficiency as well as agility across their operations; including all product lines, customer sales and service processes, as well as channels of customer interaction. These heavy requirements are driving banks to make the difficult choice of replacing their core systems with new technologies that support more automation and better management tools. If successful, such transformative undertaking provides tremendous competitive benefits based on new technologies and the operating models supported by new business solutions.

Our portfolio includes

Core banking system

  • Our solution is a web-enabled application offers multi currency, lingual and multi-channel technology features, offering a unique ‘banking without boundaries’ experience. With best-in-class security features, & highly scalable, Bankers Realm offers
  • Robust architecture that runs on a proven enterprise platform and windows-based environment
  • Seamless integration across existing software systems
  • Flexible and scalable for high transaction volumes and ease of learning and use of the products
  • Low-cost investment with superior performance

KYC & AML (Anti money Laundering)

Smart Automation with 360-degree & round-the-clock Surveillance to Combat Money Laundering. As regulatory bodies across the globe enforce stricter regulations, banks and financial institutions are facing compliance challenges and are pursuing tighter risk control to minimise the vulnerabilities in their system. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solution is an integrated enterprise-wide AML risk management solution and is trusted by 200+ clients across 43+ countries. Enabled with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies, the solution empowers financial firms to manage AML risks and compliance. The solution monitors transactions in real-time via automated processes and delivers high-performance in managing compliance and delivering real-time alerts, thus helping financial institutions to take a leap towards greater efficiency and effectiveness. The solution is compliant with all major AML regulations across the world.

Payment gateway/Switch and Omni channel solutions

Our payment gateway solution covers the entire online payments lifecycle. By supporting both consumer-initiated and merchant-initiated payments, it is designed for all online transactions, whether on the web or in-app; subscription-based, card-on-file, BNPL, pay-by-link and quasi-cash. For international cardholders, our solution supports DCC, offering them flexibility when making payments. Our extensive APIs let you quickly and easily integrate with a host of other systems - such as acquiring and fraud systems, CMS, and shopping carts - as well as enable you to support a limitless number of payment methods. Today, our payment gateway supports major international payment networks: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay; mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay; anthodsd other local payment me. It also comes natively integrated with our internationally-acclaimed mobile payments service, helping you to realise your mobile payments strategy with minimum effort. Our Payment Gateway has unrivalled configuration capabilities, including complex and unique merchant hierarchies and inheritance functions.

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)

NGRTGS is a modern RTGS solution with enhanced monitoring and liquidity management features, DvP/PvP, and a built-in Integration Bus. NGRTGS might be used as a primary or contingency RTGS system deployed locally or in the cloud. NGRTGS is ISO 20022 Compliant and capable to operate in 24/7 mode. It is based on proven, high-reliable, state-of-art, and efficient technologies that are successfully implemented and used by dozens of Central Banks worldwide. The functionality of the NGRTGS covers all aspects of payments and securities operations processing, liquidity management facilities, multi-currency support, fee and penalty calculations, statistical analysis, and many more. NGRTGS is compliant with 2022 SWIFT standards in its functional and technical aspects, messaging services and connectivity. Designed to reflect an application’s ability to provide automation in a SWIFT environment the Swift is based on a dedicated set of SWIFT-specific certification criteria that are re-evaluated annually. NGRTGS system helps central banks and monetary authorities to control large-value payment transactions in a secure and reliable environment. The solution uses the state-of-the-art technology that is compliant with international standards and liquidity risk management with its main role being of settlement of interbank payment transactions. Standards: NGRTGS is designed by experts in compliance with major industry standards such as BIS: Core Principles for Systemically Important Payment Systems, BIS: General Guidance for Payment System Development, BIS: New developments in large-value payment systems, BIS: Delivery versus payment in securities settlement systems, CPSS/IOSCO Recommendations. Modular Design: NGRTGS is designed as a modular system to meet varying requirements in a highly automated and configurable manner. The system is functionally partitioned into scalable modules that facilitate the incorporation of change. The existing design provides the possibility for horizontal and vertical scalability. In addition to that, RTS/X supports automatic and manual load balancing. Compliance with International Standards: NGRTGS offers central banks a solution that cope with international standards that establish a set of principles for the safe and efficient operation of payment systems and financial market infrastructures

Mobile and Internet banking Solutions

In an era of soaring digitalization, the facility to stay connected with business stakeholders as well as customers and being able to accomplish work on the move has become essential for any business. Enterprise mobility goes beyond mobile apps – it’s about helping organizations decide the right approach – be it ‘mobile first’, ‘mobile only’ or ‘mobile enabled’. The right mobility solution serves as a driver for enhanced alliances, increased customer engagement and improved productivity. Our team of experts has developed apps that provide a quick digital leap for several domestic and global Banks, Financial services and government organizations, help realize their mobility enabled vision and help materialize it in a best-suited way. We deliver cutting edge solutions covering but not limiting to Enterprise Apps, Mobile Banking, Tab Banking, Mobile Wallets, Contactless Payment Solutions, Workflow enabled citizen services applications that are tightly integrated with portals and other mission-critical back-office applications in On-premise, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud deployment models. We accomplish this with our strong, domain-aware resource pool on Mobile technologies spread across Development, Testing, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics.

Regulatory Authority Systems

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