Integration solutions

Integration solutions


Before designing any data integration solution, Globe takes the existing infrastructure into account to offer minimal manpower needs, high reliability and cost-efficiency. This is done using thorough analysis of business requirements and development of an integration blueprint to ensure the integration solution satisfies the organization’s specific needs. This is in addition to enhancing information access capabilities and streamlining flows of current operations through seamless integration techniques, as well as investigating legacy software in advance to leverage existing interfacing capabilities.


Before implementing the new integration solution in the organization’s production environment, we bring the solution components into an interoperability lab to ensure that all goals established in the architecture phase are met. then we move to test the solution in the interoperability lab before proceeding with implementing it in the organization’s existing infrastructure and integrating it with the production environment.


We optimize the new integration solution on several levels to ensure that it can be successfully sustained by the organization. This includes improving business performance by exploiting information trapped in contrasting functional systems. We also eliminate isolated data silos by processing, translating, presenting and exchanging information across them, even if they involve different data formats, servers, operating systems, or application software.


At the end of the engagement model, We collaborates with the organization’s team to provide full knowledge transfer that is supported by comprehensive documentation, as well as advanced project management skills. Our portfolio includes: 

  • Direct integration using: Web services (Restful, SOAP) – RFC – ISO8583 – Direct data access adapters.
  • SOA Service Oriented Architecture by positioning the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which is the main and core component of the architecture.
  • Microservices solution architecture that insure the scalability and the high performance of the executed solutions.