Data Centers Solutions

Globe Data Centers’ department is focused on offering an all-in-all state-of-the-art data center for small and large businesses. With many references across the region, Globe has become a leading provider of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering talents specialized in delivering tailored data centers

Our portfolio includes

Data Center Design

Globe provides expert consultancy services for data center design and optimization. Our engineers and data center designers carry the necessary experience and certifications to provide you with expert advice and support in the following:

ü  Complete data center design

ü  Power and cooling requirements

ü  Power distribution, earthing and power protection

ü  Security systems design

ü  Structured cabling design

ü  Data center backup generator load calculation and future needs

ü  2D and 3D cad design

Data Center Management and Supervision

Globe represents you in ongoing data center projects, through site supervision and project management services.

Our project management services cover the complete life cycle of the project, from the planning phase, throughout the execution phase to reach handing over and closing its records.


Data Center Certification

Globe provides complete assessment for the electro-mechanical and civil infrastructure of your data center and gets back to you with recommendations based on a robust set of unbiased and consistent standards that represent worldwide consensus on best practices, infrastructure capability, and operating sustainability.

Globe offers a full range of facility-oriented resources and programs, from initial planning through design and construction:

ü  Tier certification of design documents

ü  Tier certification of constructed facility.


Data Center Analyzation

CFD is a computational technology that uses numerical methods to solve and analyze the problems that involve fluid flows and thermal issues.

At Globe, we use CFD to completely understand airflow and temperature distribution, in order to design optimized and efficient cooling systems. We also use CFD techniques for customer specific applications of heating, cooling or ventilation systems used across data center, process and retail environments.

Globe can provide a complete CFD analysis for your existing or to be built facility. This will help you understand the airflow inside your facility and hence, increase the efficiency of your cooling system, increase reliability, and decrease operational costs.