Telecom solutions

Telecom solutions

Network Roll-out

We have excellent credentials in rolling out fixed and wireless networks for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), whether LTE or earlier generation networks. We rely on expert resources on our team and on local subcontractors to rapidly deploy network capacity, perform technology upgrades, or network swaps. We help operators build high capacity, secure, and stable networks while managing risks related to network roll-out effectively. With solid experience in installing and configuring equipment from leading manufacturers, we help CSPs in building high-performance, low-cost, and high-yield networks to support new service deployment. We also assist CSPs to meet the challenge of growing capacity demand triggered by the exploding data usage in both mature and emerging markets. Our service offering includes:

  • Management of procurement and logistics 
  • Site survey, and support in acquisition and legalization.
  • Civil works and power installation 
  • Installation of switching, radio, and cabling equipment (multi-vendor) 
  • Integration of multi-vendor platforms 
  • Data migration 
  • Supervision and quality control 
  • Testing and commissioning

Network Managed Services

We can be an ideal partner for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) seeking to resolve the problem of eroding margins in maturing markets while maintaining a highly available service. We offer CSPs a complete portfolio of managed services that caters to the needs of our wireless and fixed carrier clients. With expert teams engaged in monitoring, supporting, and maintaining our Clients’ networks, they can free up more organizational resources and dedicate them to core sales, marketing, and customer support activities. Our managed services are offered in “modular” fashion, in a way to tailor our offerings to your needs. We integrate seamlessly within your business model to reduce management complexity and manage and execute, partly or fully, your network operations and maintenance processes. We offer managed network services to greenfield CSPs or to established CSPs, in the fixed or wireless sector. Our portfolio of managed services for CSPs includes:

  • Network monitoring and fault/trouble management 
  • Day-to-day operation and management of network infrastructure 
  • Service optimization 
  • Network upgrades on core, transmission, and access segments (including OSP) 
  • Multi-Vendor equipment support

Engineering and Planning

In maturing or saturated markets, planning for network deployments or upgrades requires specific attention to reducing capital expenditure (CAPEX) and optimizing operational expenditure (OPEX). As markets become more competitive and tariffs of basic connectivity services come under pressure, it is important for CSPs to maximize the efficiency of their network and their organization. Globe helps CSPs get the most out of their existing network assets. We help them seize opportunities to keep their CAPEX in check through network sharing, site co-location, and optimal engineering of radio, outside-plant, and backhaul infrastructure. Our aim is to provide our clients with an efficient infrastructure to provide to their customers a highly-available, reliable, and secure service. Our Engineering and Planning services include:

  • Network design
    Designing all segments – core, transmission, access – of the network of fixed and mobile CSPs in a manner to provide voice and data capacity swiftly and efficiently to serve their customers.
  •  Service optimization
    Enhancing customer experience by optimizing the performance of voice and data connectivity on all segments of our Clients’ networks.
  • Network upgrade
    Engineering capacity upgrades on existing networks in a manner to avoid service disruption and realize value early.
  • Technology upgrade
    Planning for the evolution of fixed and mobile networks towards next generation technology (LTE, FTTx, others) while maximizing the use of existing assets.
  • Revenue optimization
    and assurance Planning the introduction of value added services, data products, and OTT applications on our customers networks in order to improve ARPUs.

Network Audit and Consultancy

The expertise of our staff enables us to provide targeted network audit and consultancy to Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Our portfolio of consultancy services is comprehensive and can be provided independently of our other services. It includes:

  • Network audits
    Performing a network inventory, network quality and performance audits, network risk assessment, and revenue assurance audits. 
  • Benchmarking
    Benchmarking KPIs of our CSP clients’ networks against their peers in the market. 
  • Process engineering/reengineering
    Designing and optimizing value-critical processes related to network provisioning, quality assurance, operation, maintenance, and evolution, as well as revenue assurance and fraud management. 
  • Service-Level Agreement (SLA) design/monitoring
    Designing internal SLAs for CSPs or SLAs between CSPs and their service partners. We serve the interests of our Clients and their customers by ensuring that the SLAs are architected in a manner to provide the expected business value. We also monitor SLA compliance on behalf of CSPs.

For Government Telecom Providers

  • VOIP
    Offered to telecom companies as one of the fundamental solutions to increase the efficiency of business operations. 
  • SMS
    SMS has had a powerful impact on mobile communication as a multichannel tool for many business operations
    A cutting-edge virtual technology; with a digital SIM that activates a mobile plan for smart devices.
    IP-based systems have pioneered successful businesses around the globe, by using internet telephone services.
    Our telecommunications experts offer mobile operators a range of solutions designed to increase data roaming.
    Globe provides the most recent management tools for data-driven companies in the telecoms market.
    For telecom fraud and network overload protection, International Gateway (IGW) management acts as the ultimate solution.
    As a VoIP provider determined to achieve successful partnerships giving consideration to security concerns
    Globe offers solutions to serve the highest level of security to corporate communications through VPN.